I wanted to let you know that the pages for Fyskar will go live in May for my website! I’m currently working through artwork for the feature images and for the page images, reason I created a buffer.

However, if you want to get ahead on the story, I do have the articles posting to my Patreon. The posts on Patreon are still rough and semi-edited. The polished posts will be here with the images.

Anyway, I wanted to share some teaser images for the coming chapters from Fyskar!

Eoin on a ship at sunrise with a seventeenth century plague doctor mask and red cloak. Kavordian Library. Fyskar.
Eoin with plague doctor mask and red cloak on ship at sunrise.  Kavordian Library.  Fyskar.
Fearchar in great kilt and Widow Magaidh sitting at table in tavern.  The Kavordian Library.  Fyskar.
Eoin with gold bracer showing painting woad tryskelion on snow.  The Kavordian Library.  Fyskar.
Close up of Eoin wearing gold celtic torq and gold bracer.  Kavordian Library.  Fyskar.
White Egret and Hammerkopf walking through African jungle river.
Eoin leaning against jail cell wall overlooking the Great Pyramids.  Kavordian Library.  Fyskar.
Mirza's jeweled hand holding chain connected to manacles on Eoin's writsts.  Kavordian Library.  Fyskar.
Eoin wearing seventeenth century Persian clothing outside of building.  Kavordian Library.  Fyskar.

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Torii Gate and Shrine Postcard
Torii Gate and Shrine Postcard
by Kavordia
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Symbols, Selves, and Social Reality

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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