Eoin in cloak and plague doctor mask using sign language to communicate with Fearchar in great kilt.  Kavordian Library.  Fyskar.
Eoin trying to communicate with Fearchar

Did you know her? Eoin exaggerated the signs, allowing Fearchar to see each one individually.

“Ye,” he picked up, pointed back at Eoin.  Eoin nodded, then made the sentence again.

“Lass.” Fearchar tried.  Eoin bobbed his head in a give or take way.  The word woman could be used interchangeably for she and her also.

“Mind,” Fearchar pointed to his head in the same gesture Eoin had made.  Eoin tried the sentence again. The word ‘know’ was more difficult to have people guess at.  It is an intangible concept. Pronouns were much more simple to get the gist of. “Did Ah mind her…nah?” Fearchar noted Eoin’s shaking head.  “Did Ah…” Eoin made the sign again. “Did Ah ken her?” Fearchar guessed. Eoin nodded his head vigorously. He loved it when people made an effort.  “Yeah, I ken her. We grew up t’gether in a village on the other side a’ the hills. She’d an older brother that watched out f’r me when we’d go get ourselves into trouble.  Pity he died a’consumption a few years ago.  Don’t think he’d a’ let her come o’er ‘ere ta tie with that bassa otherwise,” Fearchar sneered, disgusted.

It took all Eoin’s will to keep his skin from crawling.  He finally had to stop looking back at the men and keep up pace with Fearchar.  They stopped once more on the outskirts of the market for one last thing Eoin wanted.  Bannock was something he had not had since leaving the isle.  He wanted his first meal there to be every good memory he had of the place.  “Le’s go ‘trieve those bags,” Fearchar muttered, ill at ease in the market with the Dalerochs roaming.  Eoin nodded, wanting to be done with the place full of memories.

They headed down to the dock.  The morning was burning off into the early afternoon by the time they arrived at the boat.  The captain waved. “Mr. Noolifar, good timing!” he called. He jumped to the dock and walked up to Eoin. Eoin ducked at the mispronunciation.

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Toshogu Shrine Postcard
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The Mammoth Hunters

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