She had the lilt to her vowels but a long drawl and a soft finish to her words.

Fearchar was having difficulty not laughing.  “It was worth it.”

“Poor kitten, still wet behind the ears,” she purred, amused.  She didn’t make a move to her clothing.

“How’s yer mornin’?” he asked her, leaving the room to stoke the fire.

“Good! Emerson and Cormic came over.  Angus and Ethan are supposed to arrive later this afternoon,” she answered, watching the man in the beak mask.

“Sounds like a busy day, love.  Brought sausage if ye want it,” Fearchar handed the duffel to Eoin who glanced at him and then to man’s wife.  She had cropped tawny hair. Her brown eyes were soft and doeish. She was short and filled with curves. Her face was as small as she was.  She wasn’t what a person would initially mark as gorgeous. She was what could be considered cute though.

“That sounds wonderful dear,” she called after him.  “Well,” she drew Eoin’s attention. He shifted uncomfortably, not sure where to look, what to do with his bags, and unable to communicate with his full hands.  “So, a doctor?” she asked him. He nodded, trying to divert his eyes. “Nice to meet you, doc. Name’s Seonaid.”

“He’s mute, love.  Name’s Eoin!” Fearchar called back to her from the fireplace where he had a pan and the sausages sizzling.  Eoin’s stomach growled.

“A mute doctor?  That’s different,” Seonaid smiled, getting up.  She paced around him. He stood stock still, very much uncomfortable with the situation.

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