Broke her heart when she realized.  The guy would’a divorced ‘er and publicly ‘umiliated ‘er.

She end’ up near Edinburgh.  She could’a been a governess, or a laundress, or a seamstress.  Reputable work by the parish’s figurin’s. She figured out whorin’ paid better money though.  Found ‘er when Ah came through Edinburgh on my way out ta’ battle and found her on my way back through. Took quite a few months.  Convinced ‘er ta come along with me back to Skye. She followed along, not without more than a couple suitors af’er us ta keep her back in Edinburgh. Not sure what Ah was thinking. Ah ‘ad been paid f’r my services, but it was just barely ‘nough ta convince a minster ta tie us.  Ah did’nae ‘ave na ‘ouse ta my name. She bought it. This is all ‘ers,” he smiled up at the rough hewn rafters overhead.

“She found she rather likes her chosen…profession, guess’n ye’d call it. She likes ‘aving independent money that she can bring in on her own, and she values ‘erself enough f’r it.  She was taught ta’ read ‘n write, even learned some signs for her deaf grandpap. ‘opefully she c’n ‘elp ye a bit more ‘an I can,” he stretched out on the table, laying his head down. A sense of relief washed over Eoin.

Fearchar glanced over at the forgotten duffel and box.  “So’s doc, what’d ye actually pack in that tube a yer’s?” he asked curiously.  Eoin rose and stalked over to the box and duffel. He took the box to the one large prep table in the kitchen area of the main room. Fearchar got up eagerly and followed him. The box itself was a portable apothecary with many tiny draws containing a variety of unidentifiable ingredients.  The smell of many of them permeated the room, washing the house with a heady, spicy scent that Fearchar had never encountered before.

From the duffel, Eoin extracted a second change of English clothing, this set in a smooth cream.  There was also a folded pair of clothing of a finely woven white silk and a wide striped patterned wool belt.  A folded rug of deep red had been used to protect several wrapped glass vials filled with oil.  A small waxed canvas wrapped package followed suit.

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