At the bottom of the bag were preparation tools and glass bottles of varying styles.  With quick work, Eoin had his apothecary set erected and ready for use. He glanced back at the bedroom door, amazed that Fearchar was ignoring the sounds from within.  “Don’nae bother me none. Kind a’ comes with the territory,” Fearchar smiled down at the mask. Eoin looked up at him and tilted his head. He still wasn’t sure about the man he had hired for a goon.

“Well, i’s look’n like ye ‘ave the tools f’r the job ye ‘ired me f’r.  Wha’s next?” he asked the beaked man. Eoin thought for a minute before rummaging in his boxes.  He leveled off a spoon of fine dry leaves and another of what appeared to be splintered bark. A large pot containing refined tallow was pulled from the duffel.  He took out a small jar and mixed together the ingredients with a white powder and pressed it into the jar. He held it up for Fearchar’s inspection. The hired hand smelled the thick substance.  It had a bit of a tang, yet sweetness to the aroma. “So…wha’s it?” Fearchar asked.

A click at the bedroom door signaled the man leaving Seonaid’s room.  The client peaked out, his cheeks washing a mottled red. He spotted Fearchar and Eoin around a strange set of equipment.  Eoin tossed the small pot to the man, who caught it, a bit startled. He looked at Eoin, not entirely certain why he was now holding a tiny pot.  “Doc says ta’ use that,” Fearchar pointed at the pot. Eoin motioned to where his cheeks would be over his mask.

“Uh…thanks?” the man dabbed his finger into the goo.  He spread a thin layer of the medicated tallow on one of his cheeks.  He looked down at the pot in surprise. ” ‘s strong. Oye, d’ye ‘ave more a’ that?  Me mate doon’a the dock needs this more ‘n Ah do,” he asked, walking over to Eoin. Within a minute, Eoin had compounded a second repeat batch of the tallow and offered it to the man.  The man took a copper and a silver out of his pocket and looked between Eoin and Fearchar, a bit confused.

“I’s on the ‘ouse,” Fearchar waived the coins away with an amiable smile.

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