“I could’nae.  Stuff’s got’a be worth a bit a mony if’n works this good,”  the man pressed the coins into Eoin’s gloved hand. Eoin nodded, happy to help.

“Doc’s mute, din’nae worry ’bout it,” Fearchar reassured the man.

“You’re actin’ as ‘is mouthpiece, Fear?” the man asked.

” ‘e ‘ired me ta’ ‘elp ‘im while ‘e got established.  Seonaid and I’re ‘ostin’ ‘im ‘ere, ken?” his grin widened, recognizing a deal when he saw one.

“Good ta’ know where ‘e’ll be.  May ‘ave ta send captain up ‘ere f’r ‘is goiter,” the man headed out the door, looking at his little jar admiringly.

Sounds good, Eoin motioned after the man.

” ‘ll Look forward ta seein’ ‘im!” Fearchar called after the man as the door closed.  Eoin looked up at Fearchar. “Quick ‘s a whip, ain’t ya doc?” Fearchar smiled down at the mask.  Eoin nodded happily.

Seonaid peeked out the door.  “So I take it you’re taking the job, Fear?” she asked her husband.

“Think Ah can manage some a’ it, though ye might ‘ave ta’ step in f’r translatin’ e’ery once in a while, love,” he told her.

“Long as you don’t get yourself into trouble and need me while I’m working, ‘don’t mind helping,” she smiled as she walked out of the spare room.  She straightened her stays and put on her little over jacket again.

Husband says you can read signs? Eoin asked her.  She responded back much more slowly, struggling to remember some of the shapes.

She spoke for the benefit of Fearchar, “I learned to as a little girl, but I don’t find many people here who need it.”

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