Why does everyone in town seem to know you? he asked her.

“I go out just about as much as Fear here does.  I have to shop for things too. I make nice with the ladies and the men.  Most everyone knows what I do. I tend to keep the younger unmarried men out of trouble and give some relief to the older women who can’t quite accommodate their husbands as well anymore.  If a woman thinks her husband’s been sleepin’ ’round, she usually comes to me first and I tell her honestly what’s going on. Honesty seems to work best with the village. Bless the little old ladies down at the market, they’ve somehow kept the preacher from storming up here though and pouring fire and brimstone on me.” She sat down at the dining table, finishing off one of the cold sausages.  Eoin nodded. It still felt like a strange situation to be in.

Would the people trust you and your husband if you said I was working up here as a doctor, or do you think I need to rent a shop down in the village? he asked.

“Can you say that again, a bit slower?” Seonaid asked.  She had caught most of his question, but he used some odd dialect that she didn’t recognize.  “You can probably set up here for a little while. Gain some customers. If it starts getting too crowded, you might open up a shop then.  It’s a bit of a walk for the villagers to come all the way out here, but enough men do it in a day that I think the only ones that won’t come out are the little old arthritic ladies,” she mused.

He pulled out his scroll and motioned to it.  What about the clan? he asked her.

“We’ll have ta’ see.  You’ve already made a good impression on Grannd’s youngest son,” she smiled.  He immediately dropped the coins like they had burned him. “Really don’t like ’em, do you?” she mused, staring at the glinting, spinning metal.

He shook his head vigorously.  Vendetta he told her.

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I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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