“I don’t recognize that one.” She nodded at his hands.  He looked down at them, trying to come up with a different sign.  He gave up , figuring it was alright. He had paid them well enough.  All he needed to do was take out Grannd and his sons. He needed Fearchar there, and it appeared Seonaid, to get him close enough to the man that he could do his work.

The rest of the day wore on.  Seonaid’s other patron showed up and left, also receiving a small token of medication for minor malady Eoin noticed.

 He slept in a small makeshift cot near the fire. He joined Fearchar on his rounds in the village. Eoin was able to pick up local herbs and creatures he could use as fresh ingredients for his stock.  Fearchar made introductions with varying women in an effort to familiarize Eoin with the people of the town.

By the end of a fortnight, he had established a decent routine that consisted of looking over Seonaid’s clientele before they went in to see her, which gave him time to create his packets of powders and pots of salves.  He got after several of them for wearing their stocking garters so tight that they were cutting off good circulation. One man with a stiff cough he had to turn away outright at the door, handing him a pocket of lozenges before dismissing him.

Seonaid tested some of his medicines when she developed a bad rash after cooking a fish they had not yet had.  The rash disappeared after the course of the day. She was rather pleased with the cream and continued using it to moisturize her skin as the dry cold of winter started sweeping away the vestiges of autumn.

Late into his second month in Fearchar and Seonaid house, to Eoin’s surprise, a woman showed up at Seonaid’s door one day.  He flinched in distaste, recognizing her.

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