Eoin spun around, startling Fearchar.  “What?” the redhead asked.

Say that again, Eoin demanded, spanning the distance.

Fearchar could feel Eoin’s cloak brush up against his chest. Brilliant green eyes. Fearchar blinked at the sight behind the glass of the mask. Fearchar backed up a step.  “I was saying that Lady Daleroch made this easy for us.  With you already seein’ inside the ‘ouse n’ ‘elping the boy, ye can fake it.  Ye can make up a plague notice f’r the Hogmanay. We can take out the Daleroch and no one’d come up ta’ check.  Ye’d just ‘ave ta put in with Iain at the dock. That’d make it acceptable f’r the law n’ ‘ld deter packages bein’ sent up ta the house for ’em.  No one’d come check with threat a’ Plague,” Fearchar reiterated. The beak mask stared at him for a good half a minute. He fidgeted, uncertain if he had made the doctor mad.  He was startled instead to suddenly be engulfed in the man’s cloak. Eoin pulled Fearchar into him in a sudden hug of joy. Fearchar wasn’t sure how to react, but he was startled by the thinness of the man.  With the cloak on, he didn’t have a firm impression of the man’s constitution. His hands were sinewy and strong, his arms like fine steel bands. Eoin let him go and strode away.

This was the breakthrough that Eoin had needed.  He had been trying to figure out a way to infiltrate the Daleroch and not have an issue after the fact.  With a posted notice of plague, no one would have motivation to enter the domicile. He was there dressed as a plague doctor after all, why not make it look like that had been the true intention of his visit there after all, just checking the town for plague.  This was perfect.

They arrived back at Fearchar and Seonaid’s house to find the building vacant.  Fearchar peeked into the bedroom to find it empty. “Guess’n she’s out’ta market t’day,” Fearchar expressed to Eoin who had seated himself at his apothecary bench.  Eoin nodded absently as he pulled out a sheet of parchment and his quills and inks. He could scratch out a hurried notice that he could just tack to the door, but he wanted this to look as official as possible.

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