He traveled in to town with Fearchar to remedy a few of the old women who had taken to their beds with complaints of arthritis and winter cough.

He even ran into Lady Daleroch once while walking through the frost covered winter market and asked after her son.  Her son was improving remarkably, as she stated and was excited to once again invite the doctor to her end of the year event in just a day’s time.  Eoin was sure to press that Fearchar and Seonaid be there to help translate for him. She had agreed most amiably, thrilled with her festivities.  She let on that the whole of the Daleroch’s family were to be there, which was proving much easier now that the children had entered adulthood.

Eoin let her know that he would send his gifts ahead of his arrival: three bottles of port that he had seen fit to have brought with him from Spain for a special occasion.  He wanted to share them with the whole of the Daleroch clan as a way of celebrating with them the good health of the future clan head. She was practically bursting with pride, preening under his offer.  She would have to pull out her good cups for such an offer, she smiled, thrilled. She left them in the market, hurrying off in the direction of her house.

He turned from her and made his way back through the market to Brodie Brown’s house – the closest person the town had to a mail distributor.  Eoin had Fearchar ask after Brodie’s son, Robert, who he wished to have run up to Seonaid’s house and fetch the port to be taken to the Daleroch’s estate immediately.  He paid the lad a silver and copper to hurry and sent a note with him to let Seonaid know where to find the bottles.

They then continued through the town, checking in on the sick and the weak to distract himself.  He distributed medicines as he saw necessary and left instructions with caretakers.

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