It had not been more than two hours since he had laid down in his bunk, but it was already time that he got up for call.  He rolled out of his bunk and found his exercise uniform. A dash through the shower and shaving had him looking a little more crisp.  His deep blue eyes had cleared from the night before. Just maybe, if he could keep it together, he’d be able to keep Zephyr from noticing.  Not like he’d care anyway. He’d probably laugh it off and encourage him to go find some more trouble to get into. “Find happiness, for the good of us all.” It’s what Zephyr had told him over and over again.  Happiness, heh, what does anyone know of happiness? He told himself snidely as he trudged out to the training field.

Just his luck.  Thinking about the bright cheery disposition was just liable to bring the man trotting out onto the field.  He stifled himself from rolling his eyes at the lithe man with raven’s wing black hair and black eyes. “Chief Warrant Officer, good morning,” he greeted the bounding man.

“Anson, so glad to see you joined the land of the living this morning,” Zephyr let loose a toothy, gleaming grin.

“Zephyr, be gentle on me today,” he begged.

“Oh, now Fane, have heart.  We’ve got a man from Punjab in scouting,” Zephyr soothed.

“What’d he be scouting here for?  We’re a measly sott that hasn’t even seen the broadside of the Zagros,” Fane whined.

“Lucky us,” Zephyr slapped him on his shoulder.  “But wasn’t last night the best? I saw that girl you had with you.  What was her name? Marissa? Where have you been hiding her, cause she seemed perfect for you,” Zephyr began following Fane around the track at a light jog.

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