“Na, it’s rather ideal, we were growin’ tired a’ waitin’,” Fearchar smiled maliciously.  Grannd glanced up at the man. He turned back to those sleeping. Mottled purple and black spots blossomed across exposed skin.  He stooped to his son whose eyes were closed on a stool next to the hearth. The clan heir was no longer breathing He backed up into his wife, terrified.

“Doctor! My son!  What has happened?” he asked, swallowing, only now realizing he was surrounded by death.  His wife slipped to the floor peacefully. He turned to her, easing her lifeless body against the wall.  Tears shimmered in his eyes, fear reverberating in the room.

Seonaid sidled up to him to look at the woman.  “You see,” she smiled as Fearchar joined her. “We got paid a tidy sum ta’ clean you out,” Fearchar supplied the man. Eoin stood from his seat on the step to approach the last of the Daleroch.

Grannd Daleroch twisted between the husband and wife before turning to Eoin, panic sinking in as his sense of the world started to become fuzzy.  “You?” he croaked. Eoin bowed at the accusation, sweeping his hand out to reveal his light blue English suit. He straightened and nodded to Fearchar and Seonaid.  Grannd, jumped and charged Fearchar. Eoin’s hired hand skittered, narrowly missing a body on the floor. Grannd followed, pulling his knife from it’s sheath and thrust it toward the bounding redhead, trying for his throat.  Fearchar blocked, spinning the man around and disarming him. Seonaid squarely roundhouse kicked him in the jaw, the audible snap of the mandible crackling in the silence of the house. The man dropped, dizzy.

“But,” the man coughed, spitting out bloody teeth.  “Why?” he croaked. Eoin strode up to the man, his hands trembling.  He knelt down to look the Daleroch clan chief in the eye through his green glass lenses. He held out a small pendant on a short leather strand for the downed leader’s inspection.  The man stared at it, confused. A dawning light flicked through his memory. Eoin lifted his mask only a fraction, enough that Daleroch could look upon his throat and mouth.

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