“Left her in her rental where I found her,” Fane answered grumpily.

Zephyr hung back a second at his tone.  “So, not your girlfriend?” he asked.

Fane didn’t even lose a step, “nope.”

Zephyr dashed after him. “Fane, you ain’t giving me any hope today.”

“Well, you were the one told me to go find something that’d make me happy.  Still working on that part,” Fane snapped. “No thanks to you that blunt you made me try gave me a blank spot in my memory. Got enough of that as it is. Keep that shit away from me.”

They had made it halfway around the track.  A group of other testers were beginning to pile up in the primary field, starting to warm up and stretch.

“So, no happiness found inside a red room, I take it?”  Zephyr asked as they made their way back to the front of the track.

“For it being a first, it probably wasn’t bad,” Fane answered passively.

“What do you mean ‘probably’?” Zephyr stumbled.  “Wait, what do you mean first?” he practically yelled after the red head.

“You really are dense, Chief Warrant Officer,” Fane quibbled.

“And you, Fane Anson are deprived,” Zephyr caught up with him.

“I’ll take that as a compliment, then,” Fane waved his hand to go join the rest of the troops warming up in the field.

Zephyr, flabbergast, went to the head of the field to wait for his assistant and the scout.  He checked his watch.

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