Zephyr was able to check Fane into the infirmary without too much hassle, but as always, it was busy.  The nurse at the desk told them to take a seat and that she would call Fane in when they had a spot opened up for him.  A different nurse took his vitals and some minor labs from him during the waiting period. Finally, done with feeling like a public pin cushion, he was left to wait.  Zephyr, worried about Fane, had decided to forego returning to the testing. His assistant was competent enough to take the roll, and it would be fine for the scout to see the men on his own.

They had trudged over to a semi private area near a window that Zephyr could see the training field from.  Fane was leaning against the wall, feeling just a bit better. Maybe he’d be given an all clear and be able to still get the test done today.  Zephyr though could see that his friend and charge was still in pretty rough shape. “You’ll be alright,” Zephyr stated matter-of-factly.

Though Fane could hope to get away from the infirmary without anything bad happening, he was not beyond being the ultimate pessimist.  “They’re gonna test me, and I’m going to be discharged twenty times over,” he sighed. He looked up at the stained ceiling tiles. “You know something, Zephyr, I think I’d be okay with that.  Don’t know what I’d do for work, maybe join a troller off the cost and gut fish for a while.”

Zephyr quirked an eyebrow at him.  Studying him, he could see what the scout had seen.  Fane’s pupils kept on dilating at rather strange intervals, and his face kept going from a ghostly pallid complexion, to red splotches.  “You’re not acting right Fane. What all did you take last night?” concerned, it took all he could not to check Fane’s forehead again. It wasn’t going to do them any good, because they still had to wait to be seen.

Fane thought for a moment before responding, “a lot.”

Zephyr blinked.  “Like what ‘a lot’?”

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