Fane raised his hand and started counting on his fingers.  “Started with that Tuaca double shot and that nasty blunt you told me to try. Somewhere in that high I know there was a quarter bottle of cheap Vodka. Probably four shots of tequila…um…I want to say there were a couple glasses of box merlot.  That was before we got back to her room. After a glass of some sweet lemon stuff I can’t hope to pronounce…everything kind of gets fuzzy around the edges,” he admitted willingly.  There wasn’t much to gain with Zephyr for hiding what he had done.

Zephyr controlled his urge for his jaw to drop.  “That’s enough alcohol there to wipe me out, I know that,” Zephyr nodded.  Fane snorted. It sure had wiped him out. “Were you willfully trying to kill your liver?  Cause it sure sounds like you might have.”

Fane shrugged.  “I figured when you’re told to find happiness, it’s faster to start at rock bottom and not expect too much,” he replied.

Exasperated, Zephyr grabbed Fane about the shoulders and shook him.  “I told you to go have some fun and find out who you are. Jeez, I hope you never have to give children advice,” he let go, realizing that he very well might get puked on if he didn’t stop.

A nurse appeared at their side.  “Anson, we have a room available for you now,” she motioned them through an automatic door.  They followed her through a winding corridor and into a tiny room.

 “Thank you,” Fane said politely.  She placed a heart monitor gauge on his finger before leaving.  He hopped up on the exam gurney and folded his hands in his lap to wait.  Finding a lack of chairs, Zephyr stood against the little cabinet that housed a counter and sink.  Posters of anatomy cross sections were taped on the two doors, along with a small plaster model of a human hand.  Zephyr poked at it to watch it rock back on its pedestal.

Rather quickly, there came a knock at different door from the one they had walked in through.  The doctor, greying at the temples, and a little stocky, strolled in with his clipboard. “Morning, Anson,” he shook Fane’s hand.  “Morning, Abbaddeli,” the doctor greeted Zephyr. Zephyr cringed.

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