He barely made it to his covers before he slipped from consciousness.

An hour later, Fearchar and Seonaid peered out of their room.  The man had collapsed completely. “Now what?” Fearchar whispered to Seonaid.

“Now we find out just who this man really is.  We just massacred the entire Daleroch clan in one night and made it look like they died a’ Plague.  He did. With three bottles of wine. We can only hope that no one knows it was us,” she whispered.

“Dinnae ye worry, hen.  Na’ one left that place save us ‘fore e’eryone died a’ ‘Plague’.  Na’ one’ll know it was us,” he rubbed her back.

She drew in a steadying breath.  “Let’s do this,” she took a tentative step toward the man in the plague mask.

“Dinnae ye worry,” Fearchar reassured again, ” ‘e took a full dose n’ a ‘alf a’ that sleepin’ stuff he gives out.  He should be out’ta mornin’.” Seonaid eased her way over to the bed. Eoin was quite long, his form taking over the entire frame,one of his booted feet hanging down to scuff the floor.  He hadn’t even had the dignity to take his cape off. She lifted her skirts and straddled him.

“Comfortable?” Fearchar eased his fingers along the edge of his wife’s skirts. She stuck the tip of her tongue out at him. He kissed her cheek and left to retrieve one of their lights. He lit the lamp and brought it over to her.  Leaning into the physician, Seonaid brushed his hood back from his face.  His hair gleamed a soft dove white in the light.  She reached behind his head and fumbled with the latch to his mask.

Fearchar, having noticed a glimmer of gold, raised one of the man’s hands up for inspection.  There was a shine gleaming at the edge of his tall gloves. He pulled the soft leather, slowly revealing an immaculately forged bracer the length of the doc’s forearm.  Embedded into it was a large aqua green gem and etchings of a marvelous pattern Fearchar had never encountered. The doc’s forefinger and middle finger were stained blue to the upper knuckles.  He reached around his wife and peeled the other glove off to find a matching bracer just as fine as the first.

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I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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