He had served long enough in the military to have gained some level of confidence in his last name, but it still always brought back taunts from his childhood.  Back when his folks were in the Bronx, it was nothing to have such a heavy Italian surname, but once they decided to move to No Name, New Mexico…Children can be cruel little snots.  He was glad when his dad had transferred them over to Wales.

“Morning, Doctor” they both replied.

“Well, Anson, it looks like your heart rate is a bit faster than we’d like to see.  It’s also showing some irregularities. Have you ever been checked for a murmur?” he asked.  

Fane looked at him in surprise.  “Not that I know of. It never came up in any of my other medical exams, sir, but Doc Safid might have something from the surgeries,” he answered truthfully, if a little nervous.

“We should probably get a few labs running then,” the doc jotted a note down on the clipboard.

“You’re not gonna like what you find, sir,” predicted Fane.

The doc looked up at him sharply.  “Do you suspect you have something?” the doc asked.

“I suspect I’m going to royally fail your drug test,” he admitted without preamble.

“Ah.  That might explain your fever and other symptoms.  Yeah, we’ll have a nurse come and collect a sample from you real quick before we waste your time on a bunch of other tests,” the doc pressed a call button near the door he had come through.  “What did you take recently, if you don’t mind me asking,” he raised his pencil to the paper.

Fane sighed and stared up at the ceiling, thinking.  A slight twitch ran across his face. “A liquor store of alcohol, and a couple of hits of a haze-kush strain cannabis.  I know that one definitively cause Abadelli went on and on about that one.” Fane shot a glare at his commanding officer. The doc raised an eyebrow at Zephyr who shrugged and nodded. “After that…let me think. Red room girl gave me a glass of a sweet lemon flavored liquid and it all went hella fuzzy about that point, so not sure if it was doped or what,” he hoped that sounded as truthful as it was.

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