Fearchar stared at the doc.  “I-I dinnae ken, Seonaid. Burd’s quite fair,” Fearchar conceded.  The silence dragged across the ground.

“Eoin, d’ ye wan’ yer gloves back,” Fearchar offered gently in the quiet.  Eoin turned to his hired hand. He stared at Fearchar, determining the man’s motives.  Searching eagerly for the leather, he spotted them in Fearchar’s lap. He reached out a quivering hand before pulling them back into himself, hiding them with his body as much as possible.

“Why’d ye wan’na kill the Daleroch, Eoin?” Fearchar asked, setting one glove on Eoin’s arm, a peace offering of sorts.  Eoin snatched it up and pulled it on one hand. He looked back at Fearchar, wanting the other one.

“Eoin, why the Daleroch?” Seonaid pressed.  Eoin stared at his leather clad hand before rubbing his face with his bare hand.  He went to run his fingers through his hair, only to be caught up in the braid. Seonaid eased over to the bed and lifted Eoin’s head up.  Eoin flinched, trying to get away from her. “Easy,” she soothed, “let’s take your hair down, a’right?” She glided her hands through his braid, ever so gently pulling out the pins and ribbon that held it in place.  His bare hand floated in midair to stall her, not entirely sure what to make of the startling situation. He relaxed for half a heartbeat under her ministrations.

He lurched up.  His brilliant white hair slipped through Seonaid’s fingers to splay across the wool blanket.  Why? He demanded.

“Yi’ve lived in our ‘ouse f’r three – four months now.  We just pois’ned an entire clan. We wanted ta’ ken who had it in f’r ’em.  Not’ta say the Daleroch were n’ admirable bunch or that ye dinnae pay us well,” Fearchar handed the other glove to Eoin.

Eoin stared at it, still not sure.  He frowned and chewed on his lip. He didn’t want to meet their gaze.  He glanced about the space, searching for a way out of this. Nothing was coming to mind or to hand. He blew out a frustrated sigh.

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