Zephyr shrugged, “we were assembling for the annual physical test.  We had just started roll call, General.”

“What was different about today’s roll call?” another man asked, this one short, thin of face, and rather sallow against the green of the map table.

Zephyr leaned back in his chair, observing the men who all leaned forward in anticipation.  This project had been a financial drain on the military, and it was due time that it started panning out.  Zephyr knew it, his own pot having been drained as it was. “We had a party for the men last night. I had him get completely plastered on a doped joint to drop his walls, and Subject 15 hooked up with a red room girl that Doc had me point out to him. Her room had been set up with observation equipment. Nothing of interest occurred that affected the triggering mechanism immediately.  I have my doubts about his claim of having been a virgin though. He may not have been really into it, but kid’s got talent that you only learn – ehem, sorry.” He caught a censored look the general threw at him and moved on. “As that file says though, nothing he took or did from the party influenced his mood, outside of a mild hangover. When I met with him before coming onto the field though, he seemed to be acting perfectly fine.  It was only after roll started that he began acting differently,” Zephyr replied.

“That just tells us what we already know.  What was different about today?” the man asked again.

“Colonel, I don’t know what to tell you.  You know just as much as I do at this point. I’m not the doctor. I’m just his handler,” Zephyr snipped.

“Abbadelli,” the general reprimanded testily.

“What was his emotional state?” the colonel pressed.

Zephyr pinned him with a glare, “in a word, depressed I’d say.”  

The men around the table all mumbled dismissive comments. The doc spoke up, providing his opinion that summarized everyone else’s, “that’s not the right emotional state for the hormone catalyst to start.”  

“And tigers don’t dance,” Zephyr snapped.

“Zephyr Abbadelli, I’d ask you to show some level of respect,” the general growled.

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I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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