Was going through paperwork today between cleaning the website and getting Ch 10 title image for Fyskar put together. I have a billion things going as usual.

Anyway, while I was dealing with piles of dead trees, I found my old college transcripts and thought it would be amusing to share what my interests were back then. Officially, I have an Arts degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Sociology. Do you still have your old transcripts?

Pre-University (took college classes during high school)

  • MATH – College Algebra
  • HORT – Principles of Horticultural Science
  • POLS – American Government
  • I also had a high enough AP score to get out of English Language and Composition


  • ENGL – English Composition II
  • LIT – Honors: Understating World Literature
  • GEOG – Cultural Geography
  • REL – Honors: World Religions
  • SPEE -Honors: Public Speaking
  • HIST – Asia in a World Setting
  • JAPN – Beginning Japanese
  • MUSC – Honors: Music in History and Culture
  • CHEM – General Chemistry I


  • ANTH – Comparative Cultures in Anthropology
  • BIOL – Introductory Biology
  • GEOL – Physical Geology
  • HIST – Survey of American History
  • MATH – Trigonometry
  • ART – Survey of Asian Art History
  • CS – Computer Science I
  • ECON – Introduction to Micro Economics
  • EEE – Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • JAPN – Beginning Japanese II


  • ENGL – History of the English Language
  • PHIL – Ancient & Medieval Philosophy
  • SOC – Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC – Social Problems
  • SOC – Social Psychology
  • ART – Art Since 1960
  • ART – History of Japanese Art
  • ART – Art trade between East and West
  • ART – Islamic Visual Culture
  • HIST – East Asia Since 1800
  • HIST – Modern China

Senior (had a half year)

  • A&S – Liberal Studies Thesis Project (working Thesis title was How Punk and Goth Culture Influenced the Development of Steampunk)
  • HIST – East Asia to 1800
  • HIST – Modern Japan
  • HIST – American Environmental History
  • SOC – Theoretical Thinking in Sociology
  • SOC – Juvenile Delinquency

So…that’s my bizarre ride through college. I switched schools between Freshman and Sophomore year and lost my Honors and scholarships because of that move, but it helped my mental health. I did graduate a semester early because I took a ridiculous amount of classes each semester. I was trying to dodge a sharp tuition increase that was reported to be coming up.

How much do you think your classes have influenced your storytelling?

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I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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