“Sorry, sir,” Zephyr replied.  Directing his apology to the doctor, “Sorry, Doc John.  I’m aware that isn’t the emotional state that is supposed to get things moving.”  He paused for a moment to fiddle with a tiny plastic ship on the map while he tried to think of something useful. “I don’t know. Maybe his roommate invited him for tea or some lagger after the test and he felt like he was finally being included in the comradery and that made him happy.  Who knows? You know, we had a guy from the Punjab come in to scout today during the test. I’d say that has to be the only new thing that I would know anout,” Zephyr mused. Not like there had been more than two seconds of interaction between the two, and it sure as hell wasn’t a pleasant one.

The general snapped his finger at the attendant standing at the door.  The attendant shifted over to the table, the green light illuminating his face grotesquely.  The general whispered to the attendant and the man dashed out of the door like demons had come to personally drag him to hell.  Zephyr watched the general closely. “Sir?” he asked. The general waved him off as the group waited in silence.

The colonel, uncomfortable in the quiet, turned to Doctor John.  “I’m sorry, sir, if it’s a bother, but how exactly is Subject 15 supposed to bring about the TDC exactly just by his emotional state.  As you are aware, I just took over the post from the late Colonel Jinkins this past winter, so I haven’t had to deal in this matter often if at all,” the man requested.

The doctor shifted in his seat and glanced over to the general.  The general shrugged. “He should know some of the background on Subject 15.  It’ll keep us all from looking like idiots later,” he poured himself a glass of water from the sweating pitcher on the buffet behind them.

The Doctor reached over to Zephyr for his file.  Zephyr pulled the document back together before handing it to him.  Doctor John snatched it from him and began a vigorous riffling through it for a sheet.  He handed the paper over to the Colonel, replying, “The most difficult thing about all this was finding a guinea pig with enough psychic talent to take the stress load. Subject 15’s brain structure has been modified to amplify a series of signals into a secondary plane of existence, a parallel universe if you must.

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