These signals can, in theory, pull over objects, even sentient beings.  You will have to speak with Doctor Glauson on the exact details of this transference.  I was only there for the neural surgery.”

The colonel paled, looking at a CT scan of a brain with several small points embedded throughout the folds of the lobes.  “You’re joking. Is that really possible? Psychics? You’ve been hitting your own joints a little too hard,” he said, handing the image back to the doctor. The doc shoved the page back in haphazardly.

Zephyr chewed his tongue, appalled by the dismissive nature Doctor John seemed to approach the man in question.  “I’ve honestly been wondering if its a failed experiment, doc,” he goaded. The doctor snapped a fiery eye at him. He really didn’t seem to like having his work criticized.  

The general, placatingly said, “I think we have all had some doubts, Zephyr.” The doc turned to the general, all bustle, but he deflated as he leaned back in his chair, knowing that deep down, he had also doubted the effectiveness of the experiment.

The colonel, still trying to come to grips with the situation continued with his questions.  “So, this Subject 15’s brain has been rewired to be able to bring someone from another dimension over here.  How’s that supposed to help us with this war?” He picked up the pawn that Zephyr had set in the middle of the table.

“Not just any person, Colonel.  We have found a transdimensional creature, or TDC for short, at the moment, that could crush cities, decimate countrysides, and end this war without a need for nuclear firepower.  Then, when the enemy’s willpower has been completely leveled, we’ll send the creature back. This’ll work better in the end than bombing, gassing, and nuking. Think about it, we won’t have any radiation poisoning,” the general supplied.

“General,” the doctor whispered a caution to the man next to him.  “We still are uncertain of how to get rid of said monster when we are finished using it.  Subject 15 will only be able to bring it over.”

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I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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