Leelynn over at Sometimes Leelynn Reads tagged me for this one. I just don’t read enough fiction currently to keep up with too many book tag posts without sounding redundant, so I found this one refreshing.

The Couch or the Bed

I’m more in favor of reading on the couch. It helps that one side of it is a chase lounge, so I can loaf about on that thing like it’s a bed all day. I have a better lamp at the couch too, so less eye strain. If I get done reading, I can switch over to video games or pull my laptop out and write easily enough too. Also helps that I keep my books in the same room I keep my couch, so there’s that.

Main Male or Female MC

Oh that’s a tough one. So many books I pick up have female leads, but if it is well written I do like a main male character more. I like adventures and science fiction with a male character because the books don’t end up focusing half the story on overcoming the glass ceiling, but instead just move into the main premise of the book. Yes, there is a glass ceiling. It should be addressed. Somedays I just want someone running through a labyrinth without mental dialogue whining about having to wear high heels and a skirt. Feel me?

Sweet or Salty Snacks

Quick hint to anyone wanting to eat “dusty” type foods while reading and not wanting to get your fingers dirty – use chopsticks. You’re welcome. I prefer sweet snacks over salty most of the time. I have an easier time putting it aside. Salty – I can eat a family sized bag of chips and not notice. Though, now I want Firey Cheetos. Who should I blame for this quandary?

Trilogies or Quartets

Most series I get into are way above Quartets (looking at you Anne McCaffrey, Jean M. Auel, and Rick Riordan.) However, I have found on the rare occassion I have encounter a quartet, that most of the issues were or could have already been resolved in the first three books. I would rather a trilogy, like A Discovery of Witches. I liked that one and the Kane Chronicles.

A.M. or P.M.

Seeing as I work from home and dictate my hours, I can read most whenever I want. However, I prioritize time with my S.O. in the evenings, so I would rather read in the morning and have time later.

First or Third P.O.V.

Give me third person as often as possible. I get anxious with first person. I say that and most of my favorite stories are in first person now that I have to think about it. Maybe it’s because they were well written and most of the first person books I encounter aren’t. Also, if I’m reading something written as a romance book, for the love of all that is holy, give it to me in third person. I hate fade-to-black in first.

Libraries or Bookstores

I’d rather get a book at the library if I can. Practicing Minimalist. I get really choosy with my books. For the most part I buy ones I revisit often on kindle now so that I don’t overload my shelves. Bookstores just make me feel out of place now.

Laugh or Cry

I’d rather a book with humor over one that will make me cry. I do enjoy a good sob scene every once in a while, but that’s a once every five years sort of thing. I’d prefer wit and sarcasm any day.

Black or White Covers

Just from an aesthetic viewpoint I like white covers on shelves. They can get pretty dingy looking though if they are messed with even once. So, I’d go with black covers for that part of the aesthetic issue.

Character or Plot Driven

I haven’t really ever pinned down a book that is character driven vs. plot driven. If someone feels like giving me examples of each from the books I have read, maybe that would help me understand that concept. I’m going to go with character driven for the moment though.

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