“Sir, you needn’t be so formal with me.  Today, I am just a lowly scout looking for a few good men willing to train my own troops,” Orlov’s smile was cold and merciless.

“I’m sorry,” the general apologized.  Orlov waited patiently. “Have you, by chance, encountered one of our sergeants, Fane Anson?” the general finally broached the question.

“Fane Anson,” he said the name uncertainly.  It didn’t jog much of a memory in his head. “No. I can’t say that I have, sir,” he answered.

“You met him this morning,” Zephyr informed him quietly, “I took him to the infirmary.”

“Ah, the stoned kid.  I haven’t met him before this morning,” Orlov dismissed.

“What gave you the impression that he was stoned? If I might ask Prince Orlov?” Doctor John broke in.

“His eyes were dilated, his face was flushed, and his breathing was fast.  He was hot to the touch, but did not look like he had a cold,” replied Orlov.  What were they on about? Had the kid done something while he was in the infirmary? Surely he hadn’t died, that would just put a damper on the rest of his day.

“Fair enough,” the doctor shrugged.

“Is there something wrong with Fane Anson?” Orlov pressed, now worried.  He didn’t exactly want to admit it, but talk of any individual in hospitals always made him nervous.

“We did test him, and he did not have anything in his system to indicate a drug usage past 12 hours before showing up for work this morning.  Those in him were not liable to cause the symptoms that you noted and had been administered by qualified personnel for a prior established medical condition,” the doctor mentioned, pulling another page out of his file to look over. Zephyr flicked a contemptuous glance at the doc. Qualified his butt, he had been informally trained to inject the guy whenever the doc got the desire to use Fane as a guinea pig. For the most part, Fane had only ever been told that Zephyr was giving him a sedative for anxiety that was liable to crop up when dealing with tight spaces. The doped joint had come from the doc’s delusional pharmacy for screwed-up mad scientists. He was nauseated at the thought of what all he had subjected the guy to at this point.

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