The solitary room and here did little to provide him a clue as to the time.

“Thank you, Sergeant Anson.  Nurse Gilbert is going to come help you out of there,” the woman’s voice startled him.  The images left the screen. His body went hollow as if something essential had left him in a cold, permanent way.  He was on the verge of tears and could not explain why.

Time stood still with the tick of the clock in the next room slowing to a maddening rate. His heart beat fast and hard in his chest in the darkened chamber. “Anson?” a deep baratone caused him to flinch. A button depressed and the bed finally shifted from inside the machine. He looked up in relief at the open space and a large nurse in black scrubs. He let out a breath he had not realized he had been holding.

Once free of his restraints, Fane was lead down a hall to a waiting room.  He only grew concerned when the door was locked behind him. He was stuck, once again, in a locked room, but it was better than being strapped into that blasted machine.

He tried to sit calmly in one of the ten chairs crammed around the tiny room.  The cheap upholstery squished with an unsettling sound. The legs wobbled unevenly on the sticky linoleum. He got up and shifted to the next chair. It was the same. He continued this process.  The room was too small to pace in. He picked up some of the chairs and stacked them so that there was two to sit on and eight stacked in a corner.  He circled the tiny room.


“I believe it is as you suspected,” a woman in a doctor’s lab coat turned to Dr. John.  He looked over her shoulder at the images of Fane’s brain scan. Graphs corresponded to the images, showing spikes in oxytocine, dopamine, and vasopressin release.  Time stamped images of a large upright metal ring in a warehouse showed a murky green liquid bubble throbbing a bright yellow in relation to the graphs. Dr. John pointed to a particular set of high spikes. “Show me the image-set that resulted in these,” he demanded. The woman tapped a couple of buttons and a series of twenty images popped up on the screen, each one marked to different levels on the scan.  Each of the high spikes corresponded to a picture that Fane had not been aware of seeing. Short nanosecond flashes of images of Prince Orlov in various states of activity in between longer intervals showing the fruit and office supplies that Fane had identified.

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A Sand County Almanac
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I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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