“Professor?” Dr. John asked on a walkie talkie.

“Yes, Doctor?” a man responded.

“Did you see what I saw?” Dr. John leaned over the screen once more and tapped on the image of the massive ring in the warehouse. The live feed pulled up to take over part of the screen.

“There was an activation spike and a connection line, but it wasn’t powerful enough to open the door,” the man answered.  The doctor nodded his head in ponderment.

“What now?” Zephyr asked.  He had been sitting in a dark corner behind everyone, waiting patiently.

“Tell him that he hit his head with something, that he’ll be fine in a little while.  Get him dressed to impress and have the Prince meet him. With any luck, we’ll get that door opened yet,” the doc answered.

“Looks like you needed a red room guy, not a woman, Doc. Who would have thought?” Zephyr mumbled on his way out the door.

“He seemed to know his way around her well enough!” The doc shouted after Zephyr.

“He taught me a few things I didn’t know could be done,” Zephyr waved as he let the door shut behind him.

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