Click.  The door to the waiting room unlocked.  Fane looked up. To his relief, Zephyr popped his head in.  “How you holdin’ up, kid?” Zephyr smiled, coming in to sit next to him. The tension slowly ease out of his system.  If Zephyr was there, everything was fine.

“Dude, I’m six months older than you. I’ve been better.  What did the doc find?  They put me in a solitary padded room and an MRI scan,” Fane asked pensively.

“You’ll be alright. You probably hit your head last night. The staff just wanted to make sure everyone was safe while they checked you.”  Fane nodded at the precaution. “For now, even if it wasn’t your fault, we need for you to apologize to Prince Orlov.  He didn’t start out with the best of impressions. Maybe we can salvage this relationship,” Zephyr confided quietly. A quick glance to the door indicated a level of discretion required in the statement.

Fane’s eyes went round and his face turned ashen.  The Punjab scout was supposed to be picking personnel for training. They were going to be a big financial contributor that year. “Prince?  Damn, I’m so sorry about this, Zephyr.  Thanks for looking out for me. Am I gonna be in trouble with the higher-ups?” Fane asked as his hands started to sweat.

“They’re gonna overlook it for now – after all, the party was sort of my idea and the command had given me permission to fund it from the budget.  If you really did just hit your head, it couldn’t have been helped. You’ve never had a problem before today.  We need to keep the support of Orlov here and now though. If we can salvage that, then this can be swept under the rug.  If symptoms happen again though, we’ll probably need to have you back in phys-therapy, m’kay?” Zephyr asked.

Fane nodded silently, knowing that he was getting off easy.  Zephyr had probably put in a good word for him, he hoped. If all he had to do was apologize to Prince Orlov, he was golden. Contemplating actually facing the man again was enough to leave him nauseated though.  He swallowed. When he got his apology over with, he’d never have to deal with the man again.  

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