He learned to sew.  He took one of her old dresses and resized it.  Eventually the wound healed. He had not left her house in a couple months. The babes were beginning to roll over.

She helped him dye his hair with chestnuts.  He was humiliated at having to hide his status.  She obtained passage for him and the babes off the Isle to the Scottish mainland.  She outfitted him, passing him off as a ward fit as a servant or assistant. To travel with two babies and not be recognized as any of the surviving Fyskar clan, he’d need the disguise.

He released their hands.  I’m sorry, he told them emphatically.  He had not intended to drag them into that.  It had been so long since he had not worn his gloves that it was hard for him to direct his thoughts.

“Eoin,” Seonaid sought his gaze.  He looked down into her soft brown eyes.  “I’m goin’na take yer over clothes, a’right?” she asked.  He grasped at his collar for a second, terrified. “Ye don’t have’a if ye dinnae wan’na.  I just want f’r ye ta be comfortable ta sleep,” she placated. He hesitated before slipping the cravat off his collar.  He pulled the shirt collar button from its hole. He swallowed, uneasy.

Fearchar busied himself with the bed warmer, filling it with heated river stones.  He gave it a shake to settle the rocks. Eoin flinched, focusing on Fearchar. Seonaid reached for the next button.  He snapped his attention back to her. He grasped for the button she was working on. He stilled, not wanting to touch her.  His fingers quivered, lost. Fearchar shoved the warmer under the covers. “A’right, doc. Le’s get ye in bed,” Fearchar took over for Seonaid.

“Thanks, love,” she kissed him on the cheek.  She crawled into the side of the bed closest to the fire and closed her eyes.

“Let’s have ye asleep, doc.” Deftly, Fearchar released Eoin from his waistcoat. Ignoring Eoin’s hesitation,  he helped peel the pale man out of a soft lavender silk vest.  He took the coat and vest and hung them up on a peg.

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