About the time Fane had lost all semblance of knowing where he was in the city, the taxi took an offramp, did a roundabout and pulled up to an understated building.  Mansardic in design, the old mansion had been converted into a two story luxury shopping center, with the first floor west rooms turned into a high end coffee shop. “Yer off’cer a’ready paid,” the cabby waived him out the door. He waived his thanks and extracted himself from the worn backseat.

Fane’s stomach dropped into his toes as he studied the coffee shop.  He sure as hell was not qualified for this kind of place. One would have to go to finishing school to know how to hold a cup properly. For a second, standing outside the taxi’s door, he contemplated turning tale and going AWOL.  He could last on the land. He knew where to find food. He didn’t actually have to socialize, right? Just before he had completely formulated his escape plan, the taxi drove off. A cold wind caught at his collar, sending a chill down his spine.  He had no real idea where he was in the city and he had to go see this Prince and apologize for a problem he had caused. Today was not his day.

He took a deep breath, puffing out his chest.  He breathed out to his fullest, trying to release the tension in his shoulders.  This was why Zephyr had made him wear such clothing. He pulled at the hem of his blazer, settling the shoulders more squarely over his vintage band shirt.  At least it contributed to his physique nicely. He tentatively placed one squeaking leather clad foot in front of the other and made his way up the steps to the building.  He paused for only a second to contemplate escape once more before opening the door to the building and let himself in. The hallway was short with a lift and circular stair at the back of the sixty foot deep hallway leading to the upstairs stores.  To his left, the coffee shop entrance, to his right, a bakery. He glanced in through the door of the coffee shop, checking to make sure the platinum haired man was waiting.  The Punjabi scout sat analyzing a newspaper, his coffee steaming, in a corner overlooking the window to the street and the door to the shop.

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Lantern and Pond in Shinjuku Tokyo Poster

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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