Fane opened the door to the shop and a small bell rang above his head.  Orlov glanced up, meeting Fane’s questioning eye. The prince nodded his head to a chair across from him.  Fane entered the shop trepidly. The soles of his shoes clacked loudly on the vintage wood floor.

He walked up to the table and stopped at the proffered chair.  He bowed his head in acknowledgement of Orlov, finding it easier not to look at the man directly.  “Prince Orlov?”

“Do sit, Anson,” Orlov greeted.  Fane swallowed once more, trying not to meet the man’s honey colored eyes. He slipped into the glossy wooden chair across from the prince’s bench.

“I must apologize, Mr. Orlov for my behavior earlier,” Fane began.

“Coffee, Anson?” Orlov waved over a waiter that had been waiting for that moment.  The man clipped over in a tightly fitted grey suit, his raven black hair swept back with a pound of pomade.  “Your order, sir?”

Fane suddenly was at a loss for words. This place, he’d probably be out fifty bucks for black, no sugar.  “Cafe breve, vegan? Please,” Fane requested, not entirely certain what he had just ordered, but hoping it sounded sophisticated enough for Orlov.  

“Almond or cashew?”


“Right away, sir,” the waiter smiled and left.

With that formality over, Fane breathed a relieved sigh.  He’d just have to bite the cost. He had shoved enough into a savings account to afford his own house outright at this point, but that was beside the point. He turned his attention once again to Prince Orlov. He paused for a minute, trying to come up with some way to break the ice. “How would you like for me to address you?” he finally stuttered.  

Prince Orlov gave him a condescending glance. He had a myriad of titles. What was fitting to be addressed by an asset of the military? If it was necessary that the General had asked him to speak with this man, maybe they needed a certain level of familiarity.  “Mr. Orlov is perfectly fine. It is too strange in your western society to walk around being addressed as Prince, I assume,” he sipped his coffee.

No action of the Prince was lost on Fane.

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