“Yes, I’ll be back for you in a minute,” he promised them.  The babes turned into Eoin’s shoulders and started wailing.  Eoin eased them, his hands finding the napes of their necks. “It’ll be okay, he’ll come back, he said that, didn’t he?” he told them, trying to reassure them.  They eased their wailing to a demanding, hiccuping sniffle. Robin walked William up a set of rickety steps at the far end of the forge and disappeared into a doorway.  The other assistants watched Eoin, not entirely sure what to make of the burned wheel and the woman sitting with a pair of crying babes in their work space.

Robin returned to them shortly.  “Talked to Hannah. She’s seeing to Mr. Townsend at the moment.  She told me to bring you in. Supper’s just about ready,” He offered Eoin his hand.  Immediately Callum took it, wanting up. “Up up?” the man grinned down at the little boy, hefting him up, making the boy squeal jubilantly.  Albin followed suit, making demands of the big man. “You’ve got yourself a pair of trouble here, don’t you miss?” the man smiled.  Eoin waved the man’s hand away, getting up on his own and brushing off his skirts and apron. He went back to the gate and picked up his basket and stuffed his medicine bag back into it.

William Townsend proved to be the miracle that Eoin needed.  His father, John Davis, was a ship’s captain. William, having been born a bastard, treated his father with a difference for his station, but Captain Davis was hard pressed not to dote on the boy when he saw him again.  William told his father about Eoin’s help, and let the man in on Eoin’s disguise. Captain Davis offered Eoin and his boys safe passage on his ship. Eoin, eager to be away from the Isles took Davis’s offer without hesitation and shipped out with him the following fortnight.

A month later, having watched the sea tack by at a steady pace, Eoin found himself in a foreign country, in a foreign climate.  They had landed in their destination port of Casabranca, Morocco. Captain Davis put him and his children in the care of a guide by the name of Emir, who helped him navigate his way through the Trans-Sahara trade route.

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