He backed away from the dog, not knowing what diseases that it could be carrying, if it had rabies.  His grandfather had been bit by a rabid dog and had been in the hospital for more than a week. He was not about to willingly get that close to a dog without knowing its owner.  Running to his grandparents’ room, what he saw that lay inside had him baffled. There, in the queen sized bed, was a large, fat caramel colored dog with shaggy hair, lying on his grandfather’s side of the bed.  

The dog rolled its head up and stared at him.  This isn’t happening.  Where are Na and Grandfather?  I’ve gotta get outta here and find Nat. He turned from the room and quickly made his way to the front entry where the stench was stronger.  He eased around, looking for the grey dog, but it had shambled off.

Grabbing the front door handle, he jerked the door open.  It crash into the wood paneled wall. He rushed out into the snow in his bare feet and jeans.  It was biting cold out, but with adrenaline pumping through his veins he barely noticed. He raced down the block and leapt up onto the porch of a green and white cottage.  He pounded on the door to his friend’s house.

The smell that had woken him up had followed him.  It was a horrible, gaseous smell, as if a sewage pipe to the morgue had broken in the night.  This can’t be happening. I must be high on whatever’s making this rank stench. He told himself as he wrapped his arms around his naked torso – regretting his mad dash to Nat’s house.  It was foolish of him to have such an ingrained fear of dogs. He knew it, but he could not shake it.

“Alexander Deck! What’s the deal with banging down the door at five in the blasted morning?  Dude, what happened to you, you look like you’ve seen a ghost or something, and where the hell are your clothes?” A blonde haired, green eyed youth asked as he ushered Deck into his living room.  He stood a good head shorter and seventy five pounds lighter than the prior football player. 

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I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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