Prince Orlov watched the nervous man, calculating what was going through his head.  A mischievous glint crept into his eyes.  

Tension rose in the back of Fane’s neck.  Was Orlov just messing with him? Prince Orlov beckoned the waiter over for the tab.  Fane automatically reached for his wallet, only to realize that Zephyr hadn’t given it back to him with the bag of clothing.  He didn’t even have his cell phone.

“Don’t worry about it,” Prince Orlov motioned Fane, not even noticing that Fane was without his wallet.  

“Really, I-” Fane started to protest. At the very least he could call Zephyr to drop off his personal effects.

“It’s outrageous to ask you to pay for this when I chose the location.  Leave your money,” Prince Orlov handed over a gold card to the waiter.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Orlov,” graciously Fane drank down the last of his coffee.  Prince Orlov glanced up at him, curious. “You’re well spoken for an enlisted man,” noted Prince Orlov.

“I understand the station to which I’m addressing, and am making my best effort to speak of a quality I assume you expect,” honestly, Fane answered.

“I appreciate that,” Prince Orlov signed the check the waiter brought back.  He slipped his card back into his wallet. “Shall we,” Prince Orlov motioned Fane to the door.  

“Sir?” Fane asked.

“Please, Mr. Orlov, if you would, Mr. Anson,” Prince Orlov reiterated.

“Yes, Mr. Orlov,” replied Fane.  He stood and followed Prince Orlov out the door of the shop, down the stairs of the mansion, to a cab that was already waiting.  He encouraged Fane to slip into the car before following him in.

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