Eoin bathing

Carefully, he ladled the fluff into the warming kettle.  Once the bucket was empty, he retrieved another load.  He poured out the hot water into the tub and filled the kettle with the second bucket of snow.  He went and did one more load. This one he left near the hearth to heat alongside the kettle. He dug through his duffel and extracted several wash cloths, a couple of small bottles of liquids, and a carefully wrapped crock.

He knelt in front of the tub and used the tepid water from the bucket to rinse his hair in. He pulled the cork from one of his bottles.  A heady floral scent rippled through the room. Jasmine and rose with spicy notes of citrus and cinnamon, completely foreign to the Isle, but Eoin enjoyed the fragrance.  He relaxed under the smell and poured a small amount of the oily mixture into his hands. He rubbed it into the length of his platinum tresses and wrapped the length up into a bun on the top of his head.  He turned back to the warmth of the tub. He wrinkled his nose in thought. He took in a deep breath, knowing the undershirt that fell to his knees was going to have to come off if he wanted a proper clean.  He really wanted to be clean for once in too many months. It was going to leave him cold though. He missed his deep baths.

He poured the second batch of his kettle water into the tub and stepped into the bath.  His bangles clicked together as he found his balance on the slick surface of the tub. It was almost scalding in comparison to the coolness of the room, even for the tub being set next to the fireplace.

He squatted down, slowly pulling the tails of his shirt up until his legs were mostly covered with water before throwing out his sense of modesty and pulled the shirt off completely.  The tub was too small to relax in, but it would suffice. He took his wash cloths and his crock. Inside was a thick white paste that he used to rub across his body.  This one too held exotic scents that wafted through the room, warm and alluring. He breathed in the smell, his heart slowing with the comfort of the familiar.

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Country Monogram Red Check Bath Mat

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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