He laid it out at the hearth where the tub had just been.  He settled himself upon it and enjoying the heat seeping into his naked skin.  He flexed his fingers and his wrists. He worked the stretch up through his arms, stretching them up to the ceiling, arching his back and opening up his chest.  He closed his eyes and breathed in as he stretched into one pose that flowed into another.

Fearchar watched, mesmerized at the contortions before him.  Eoin’s lithe figure flexed and bowed and stretched as he continued to breath through the movements.  The red-head wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but eventually the man returned to a deeply cross legged position, his arms extended to his knee caps.  

About five breaths into the settled position, the water in the kettle hit a boil. The doc smiled gently as he opened his eyes and came back to himself.  He poured the hot water into his tiny pot and added his black powder and stirred it. He allowed it to steep. The aroma was warm and deep, permeating the house.  

Seonaid woke to the smell, keenly interested in why it was causing her stomach to growl.  She sat up and Fearchar scooted his way from the middle of the bed to the edge with her. Eoin pulled the stick from his hip length hair and shook it out, setting up next to the fire to help it dry.  “Why does my house smell strange? Braw good, but strange, Eoin.” She looked pointedly at the pot before noting his odd clothing choice. “You really do have body markings,” she whispered, the red bands against his pale skin around his forearms clear in the light of the fireplace.  

He looked up at her quizzically, handing her a hot cup of a brown liquid the black powder had created.  She breathed in the earthy smell. He handed a second cup to Fearchar who peered at it skeptically. Eoin shrugged.  He blew the liquid in his cup and tested the temperature. He sighed. It had been months since he had last tasted the magnificence that was gahveh.  He relished in the warm, bitter tang and knew that he was about to have a pounding headache from not having drank it in months but couldn’t care less.

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