He was not prone to anxiety attacks, but he had seen his mother suffer a mental breakdown when he was in his freshman year of high school.  He wondered if this was the beginning of one.

“Kind of. See if you can locate your folks.  If not, we need to get. Pack. Looks like it’s gonna get bad,” Deck warned.

“See you in a little.  Meet me back on my porch, ‘k?”

“Yeah,” Deck waved him off as he let himself out the door.

“Hey, Deck?” Nat asked before he had walked too far.

“What?” Deck still had a blanket wrapped tight around him, but he was beginning to tremble again.  The heat was not going to stay with him long in the ash laden snow.

“Grab your mres and stuff.  The war’s finally hit Jenton. I don’t think we’re coming back,” Nat was staring out at the burning skyline that lay in the direction of the college buildings.  Deck followed Nat’s gaze and nodded in agreement.  

Deck dashed back to his house, his borrowed slippers turning damp and cold with every step.  He entered his house cautiously. Seeing no dogs, he rushed upstairs and pulled on a pair of thermal underwear and two pairs of wool socks and his army surplus black boots.  He stretched into his thermal under sleeves and into a graphic long sleeve shirt of a woman lying comfortably on a Bahamian beach drinking a margarita. He shrugged on a heavy black hoody, then pulled on a khaki welder’s jacket that he had borrowed from Yeller.  The coat was tight with the surplus layers, but it would serve seeing as it was freezing outside.

He dragged out his hiking bag and bug out bag and crammed two more sets of clothes into the bottom.  He found his four-person tent and sleeping bags in the back corner of his closet. Sitting down, he let out a pent up breath and wiped sweat from his forehead.  Think first. He reprimanded himself. 

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