“For now, we can’t have you randomly dropping on us in the middle of drills, so you’re excused for a couple of days.  The dinner shouldn’t aggravate you too much, but take it easy, all right?” Zephyr asked.

“Sure, I’ll just take a bit of a rest.  Let me know when you need me back,” Fane requested.

“We’ll have you go back to the hospital for another MRI at the end of the week, if those pains are still surfacing.  When Doc John clears you, you can come back,” Zephyr reassured.

“Yes, sir,” Fane breathed a sigh.

“Right, we’ll see you in a few, gotta go get that monkey coat on,” Zephyr clicked off the line.  Fane placed the handset back in its cradle. He lucked out that Zephyr was going to be coming. Now he wasn’t going to have too much of an embarrassing situation trying to catch a ride back to base that evening.  He thanked the receptionist and made his way back to the lobby’s sofas.

Less than fifteen minutes later, Prince Orlov appeared, dressed to impress.  Fane was stunned at Prince Orlov’s beauty. He was resplendent in a white and red sherwani. Magnificent embroidery work in gold scrolled across his chest and shoulders.  Red churidars wrapped around his lean legs, setting off the red in his sherwani. A pair of red and gold emblazoned jutti caressed his feet. “Wow,” escaped Fane before he was able to catch himself.  “I’m sorry,” he quickly apologized, scuttling to his feet.

“I stopped at the reception.  They called a cab over for us already.  Shall we?” Prince Orlov asked, motioning to the door.

“After you,” Fane held the door open for the man.  He hoped that Prince Orlov would not notice the pain he was trying to hide.  He didn’t know what it was, but he’d just have to push through it. Doc hadn’t said that anything bad had shown up on the MRI scan.  

He followed the Prince to the idling cab and waited for him to slide into the far side before seating himself. He hoped that a dinner with this man was not going to kill him.

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I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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