He looked up in surprise, realizing that even though he was for all essential purposes home, it was no longer what he remembered.  He now had comforts that were not from the Isle, and he missed those comforts terribly.  He looked down at his tiny cup, confused by this revelation.

Fearchar tested the liquid and found it more bitter then his ales, yet fascinating.  Seonaid joined him in the same judgement. They eventually got up from the bed and moved the frames up to the wall to make space in the room.  

Seonaid pulled on her petticoat, stays, and a shawl, forgoing her sleeves and over jacket, while Fearchar wrapped his great kilt around his waist. He popped his head outside to see what damage the storm had wrought. He closed the door swiftly before too many heaping flakes made their way into the entryway.  “Snowin’ ‘gain. If this keeps up, gettin’ ta’ town’ll be right out,” he settled onto a low stool, facing Eoin. Eoin was still contentedly sitting at the hearth, allowing his hair to dry. Eventually, Eoin tested the fringes and decided they were dry enough.  He pulled on a long loose white shirt and an equally long loose red vest and settled himself back onto his rug.

“So, you escaped the Isle and even England on a ship and went…where?” Seonaid asked. She had warmed flakes of fish and porridge in her pot.  She passed little bowls to the men as they settled in for a long day. Eoin ate the food gratefully, aware that today was going to be exhausting and he would need the energy.  He was hoping the gahveh was going to provide him some fortification for the toll. Eat first, he encouraged.  When the story started, it would be a while before he released them again.  They finished their meals quickly. Fearchar and Seonaid finished the last of their little cups of bitter liquid.  He laid the cups aside, planning on washing them near the end of the day when his story was finished.

He motioned them to the rug and moved away from the hearth’s edge.  He sat triangularly to them and laid his hands out for them, waiting. It would be their decision this time if they truly wanted to know him, rather than pushing his memories at them.

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Mushrooms in the Forest Trivet

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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