His grandfather had, ever since the central states fell, drilled into his head the need to have a bug out bag prepared.  He hadn’t taken the time to update it since summer and now he had to consider what he would need for winter.  Now he knew that it would have been of benefit to have one ready and packed. He cursed himself in the quiet of his bedroom.

He pulled out everything from the camping pack, the old chewing gum wrappers, a roll of quarters, and started the process of organizing.  First thing, the water cleaners and a bottle. Food he would have to get on his way out of the house. Clothing he laid out on the bag and made sure that they were versatile for both cold and warm weather.  His tent, ground tarp, and sleeping bags were in decent shape. He had his pocket knife and long knife. He threw in his honing stone with his toiletry and first aid kit. A lighter and two packs of matches found a tiny pocket for a home.  A plastic poncho he had gotten at the amusement park last year made its way to the bottom of the bag. LED flashlights, an S.O.S. beacon, a small hand radio, and a pack of one ounce gold and silver ingots were the remainder to be managed.  Lastly from his room, he carefully packed away a photo of his grandparents and himself.

He shrugged on the pack, testing its weight.  It was still pretty light, but he knew it’d get heavier when he got to the kitchen.  He looked one last time at his room, at the trophies and mementos of his youth. He knew though, that there was no room for all the sentimental attachments he had for this place.  He eased his way down the hall into the spare room where his grandfather kept his guncase. Inside he found a four-in-one pocket axe that he added to his growing stash and gave a good long look at the stockpile of rifles and handguns.  He skipped it and went for the small compound bow and the flint knapping kit that his grandmother had showed him how to use two seasons back for turkey hunting. He finished packing his bag and made his way toward the kitchen, wary of the dogs.

He was distracted on his way to the kitchen.  He rummaged the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, pulling out soap and shampoo bars, ibuprofen and acetaminophen. 

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