The taxi pulled up to Crystal.  A shaft of fear drove straight through Fane’s core.  He was intruding. He felt out of place. He was an imposter.  Those thoughts ran around him as he held the door of the taxi for Orlov with a slight bow, putting himself between the prince and the onlookers.  Orlov’s gleaming amber eyes slid over him approvingly. “Maybe I should hire you as a bodyguard,” mused the man, whispering in his ear as he clapped him on the shoulder.  

Fane shivered. “You jest,” he muttered, straightening.

Orlov evaluated Fane’s clothing, prodding the texture of the coat, testing it’s legitimacy. “Not your normal clothes, are they?” Orlov asked.  Fane turned red, distinctly aware of the strangeness of his dress.  He pursed his lips, dashing his eyes down from Orlov’s mesmerizing gaze.

“They fit you well enough to pass scrutiny by the people in there,” Orlov reassured quietly, noting the slight flush of color sweeping Anson’s face.  What had made him take along this individual? Really, he probably could have found someone else to accompany him tonight. He was only trying to make a better impression with the general.  It was after all tasked by his mother to him to find some better individuals than who they had now.

This red headed man was lean, not exactly gaunt, but not overly muscled.  He was not particularly tall for a man. He’d probably be deemed short. His face was oval with a long, straight nose.  Delicate eyebrows framed blue eyes. His hair had grown a bit from its regulation cut. A black v-neck vintage band shirt clung to muscle, a deep red tailored blazer accentuated a narrow waist.  Dark skinny jeans revealed shaped legs. A pair of new black leather chucks made him look like an arrogant punk. He had only noticed earlier a thick leather bracelet clasped around one wrist, and an elegantly engraved silver ring on his index finger.  A drop silver necklace had a fairly neutral pendant. He had only narrowed down that the clothing was unfamiliar to the man by his nervous habit of picking at wrinkles that he had noticed at the coffee shop.

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