Fearchar and Seonaid grabbed his hands eagerly and leapt into Eoin’s void.

“I ended up in a port town where the Captain told me I could start over in.  He left me with a pouch of coin that would have gotten me through a full year of high living in London.  One of the seamen, Daniel Black – good man though a bit deep in his bottles, directed me to a man he knew in the port, Mr. Emir.  He also made sure I got a change of clothes for myself and the boys.

The dress had sufficed in getting me to the Captain, but the used tunic and pants I had gotten from Black were threadbare at best.  Mr. Emir navigated us through the market and got the boys and me outfitted for a long trip. I ended up with a massive cloak, having found that I burned badly in the sun there.  The boys we made sure had large hats and long clothes to cover their skin, lest they burn like I did that first day there. That was the last I saw of Captain and Daniel. I do hope they are still well,” Eoin smiled up at them, taking Fearchar and Seonaid through the warm memory of Morocco.  The incense that wafted through the streets and the spice of the markets was mesmerizing. The sun stood out brilliantly, casting rough shadows from the white and yellow stone of the building faces. The market blossomed with color, shades covering tables of fruit and vegetables of such a variety that Fearchar and Seonaid had never seen before.

They found themselves cast from the market into a massive sand pit of such a size that they could not form a comprehensive thought of it.  “Emir called this place the Sahara. He told me it goes for miles in all directions,” Eoin led them up a massive pile of sand that he told them was a dune.  He pointed out camels being packed up for travel. A breath of wind blew the scene apart.

They arrived in a grassland village, the mudwalls of the buildings baked and cracked in the hot sun. The market was as large as the one they had left in Morocco, but the people were no longer a soft mahogany color with sharp features.  Their noses flared and their eyebrows thickened.

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