A pair of camping towels that could be compressed into a pair of hand sized bags were added to the stash.  Out in the hallway he pilfered the linen closet where he found the portable clothes line, pins, travel clothes detergent, and miracle of miracles, the spare set of parachute weight hammocks.

The creatures had made themselves comfortable on the rug  in the dining room where a modicum of light warmed the floor.  He ransacked the cabinets in the kitchen, throwing the light weight camping cook set in on top of his clothes, a can opener, and a metal cooking spoon.  He found his grandfather’s stash of freeze dried food rations in the far back of the pantry.  

He stared at the ceiling, mouthing several words of thanks.  He stood in the kitchen for a few more minutes, not sure what else to add to the pack.  He put it on his back and realized that he physically couldn’t carry any more. He groaned, knowing that bugging out with these few rations in the dead of winter was not going to end well.  

Deck found himself back in front of the full length mirror, staring at his reflection.  Pressure crept into the back of his head once more and his eyes shifted from the ocean blue to the feral gold.  He fetched a pair of ear muffs, beanie and gloves off the hooks near the mirror and pulled them on. The last items he grabbed were a pair of mini umbrellas that could be stuffed into spare cargo pockets.  He flew out the door and down the street to Nat’s house.

“Ready?” Nat asked.  He had packed his largest bookbag he could find along with a messenger bag.

“Not really, but I would like to know what’s going on,” Deck answered as they headed over a block to Pak Sun Hee and Pak Benjamin Hee.

“What did the dogs in your house look like again?” Nat asked.

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I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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