They wandered the streets in varying shades of autumn grass and deep forest shadow.  Fearchar and Seonaid had no idea that such variety existed in the world.  “I found myself at the end of my journey with Mr. Emir. He had seen fit to get me through the trade route.  I could have returned with him back to Morocco. I had been able to care for an injured man on our way and he felt my skills were valuable.

However, it was in the market that I decided I wouldn’t be returning with him, kind though he was.  That’s where I met Amina,” he smiled brightly, taking them to a much loved memory. She sat in her stall, encased in a patterned white and blue wrap.  Food was laid out on blankets around her. She though was not quite like the other people walking around her. She had splotches of pinkish cream skin swirled in among her deep brown.  “She said that the tree spirits of her tribe paint her in the night,” he knelt down next to her, the boys absolutely fascinated with her spots. She grinned at them, entranced with their opalescent paleness.

They were just big enough to start crawling and making trouble.  They pulled themselves up to her baskets of fruit and peered inside.  They poked at the spiny fruit, utterly fixated. She laughed at their antics.  She motioned for Eoin to sit next to her. He tried to pay for the fruit, but she waved him off.  He sat down next to her in the shade. She motioned for him to remove his hood. He lowered it, pointing out the wound at his throat, hoping that she understood him.  She looked at him, concerned. She poked at some pink flesh along his neck where his sunburn had faded. There she found his voice. “Eoin,” he told her, motioning to himself.  “Amina,” she replied, gesturing to herself. “Callum, Albin,” Eoin pointed out the two boys.

They proceeded like this for the day as customers came through the market and bought her produce.  The customers stared uneasily at Eoin and the two boys who had fallen asleep in his lap. He surely looked strange to them, he understood that much.

With the sun halfway set in the sky, she packed up her produce.  Eoin, not sure what else to do with himself, helped her pack her remaining vegetables and tubers.

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