“One was grey with brown eyes, like normal dogs.  The strange thing was that it had a white scar on one of its front paws, like my Na’s hand that got burned last year from a grease spill,” Deck said.

“Was there another one?”

“Yeah, a caramel colored fat one.  Like Grandfather, fat. He did have that color of hair too, beard and all.  Never a grey whisker had crossed him.” They trudged up the front porch steps to Benj’s bottom floor apartment.

Nat clanked the door knocker down on the red door and they waited there for a few minutes before the door was answered.

“A little early don’t you think?” a petite Korean girl yawned as she finished tying her terrycloth pink and floral bathrobe belt around her waist.  She had small pink bunny slippers on that stared up at Deck. A frown crossed his face as he was trying to picture Sun Hee in pink with bunny slippers but quickly shrugged it from his mind.  The image she presented was just such a level of an impossibility that he could not be bothered to fathom it. “Sunny, is Benj up?” Deck asked hurriedly.

“Yeah, Lexi, been up for an hour, the smell hasn’t agreed with him too much, you know, his allergies and all.  Come in, you’re making me cold. I’ll be back in a minute.” Sun Hee waived them in. Her hand went to the towel on top of her head, balancing its precarious weight as she maneuvered the steep steps in her too short bathrobe.  Deck watched her on the way up, enthralled for a moment until Nat brought him back to reality with a quick solid punch to the arm and a hearty laugh as he lead Deck to the den.

Benj was already up and bent over a desk piled with homework and microbiology textbooks. 

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