Tau and Amina

 As she hefted a massive basket onto her head, she looked at him questioningly, having asked him something he could not understand.  He looked about himself and the ground they had just occupied, not sure what to do with himself. A burly man, such a deep shade that he must have stepped out of the night, came up to the woman with a loving smile.  She spoke with him and the man turned to Eoin, speaking slowly to him. Eoin flinched, shying away, not sure what was happening. The man approached him and clasped him about the shoulder with a hand that he was confident could have crushed his skull if the man had thought of it.

Eoin looked between the man and the woman, confused.  The man plucked one of the sleeping twins from Eoin’s arms and hefted him to his shoulder and steered Eoin from the market to follow the woman.

“It would take me several months to understand that Tau and Amina were the head of their tribe.  Amina and Tau were aware of the fact that I could communicate through touch, but they did not willingly try to seek the void, and I do not like forcing it upon people if possible.  They thought me a lost godling or a spirit, even a witch’s consort of some kind and tried to treat me in such a differential way.

We walked for several days until we left the grassland and entered a formidably vast wet forest.  The leaves of these trees are massive. Vines, shrubs, it’s different from the forests of Scotland and England.  It’s warm and damp. In it are these brilliantly colored birds that sing the most beautiful music. Monkeys, frogs, snakes, these monstrous creatures called crocodiles, the forest was a foreign world turned on it’s head.” He showed them the wildlife of the rainforest.  They had never seen such tall trees, or felt such humidity. The creatures were as strange as the plant life. Fearchar was the first to realize that Eoin’s void was a reflection of this forest.

“It felt like I had stepped into a fairytale that I had never heard before. I feared that maybe I had already walked into The Forest, but I could not believe I had died to only live on without my voice, or to not see my clan on the other side.  I was terrified from the moment I had entered that marketplace to the time I entered their village.

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Opinion Definition Bumper Sticker
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