The lift rang at the top floor.  They made their way out of its repressive confinement.  Tension released as fresh cold air hit Fane in the face.  He glanced around, noticing a window in a wall on the other side of the lift hall.  Behind a young man at the window was a line of coats. The coat check! “Mr. Orlov, if you don’t mind, I need to step over to the coat check real quick,” Fane pointed toward the man and the window.  Orlov nodded, following him, interested.

Fane walked over to the man.  “Has a Zephyr Abeddelli checked in with you yet?” he asked the man.  

“Yes?” The man answered. He wasn’t entirely sure if he was supposed to answer that type of a question.  

Fane breathed a sigh. “Wonderful. Did he leave a wallet and cell phone for a Fane Anson?” he pressed.

“Are you Fane Anson?” the man at the coat check asked.  

“Yes,” replied Fane, relieved. The coat check man handed him a worn black leather wallet and a battered flip cover cell phone. He went to pocket them, only to discover his pants were too tight.  He looked down at himself, suddenly perplexed by his clothing.

“Try the inside pocket of your jacket,” Orlov supplied.  Fane pulled his blazer open to discover a series of pockets hidden in it.  He shoved his wallet in one side and dropped his phone in the other. It felt weird, the weight.  They weren’t the usual things he’d keep in a jacket pocket. He hoped it didn’t make his jacket look funny.  He turned to Orlov suddenly.

“What?” Orlov asked, suddenly on edge at having Fane actually fully face him.  

“Is this okay?” he asked.  Orlov shrugged. “Yeah, sure.  Why?” he asked. He thought he had already assured the man back at the taxi.  Usually being praised at least once by a prince would settle the matter. At least, that was what he was used to.  Fane reached for his wallet, but thought better of it. He tried to swallow against a nervous, dry throat.

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Lantern and Pond at Shinjuku Garden Tokyo, Japan Magnet
Lantern and Pond at Shinjuku Garden Tokyo, Japan Magnet
by Kavordia

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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