“We’re turning into dogs!  That’s just great!” Deck exclaimed, clutching his head in frustration.  There was an audible pop as his jaw came back to its human alignment. His hand went up to the joint, feeling it move beneath his skin, as it rotated in and out without his consent.  The pressure in his head increased. Something crawled around within him. Gooseflesh raised the hair on his arms at the distinctive impression of a menacing creature howling for release just below the surface.  He shook his head, trying to deny the feeling. He looked at his hands, suddenly suspicious that they had joined in with his other anatomy against him to turn him into something that was not entirely human.  

His hands had not changed, but his ribs were beginning to kill him.  They were starting to move of their own accord. They were repositioning, forming into a wolfish rib cage, more accommodating for organs that were beginning to mutate.  Blood rushed in and out of his heart as he inhaled deeply, trying to catch his breath as pain seared through him. He looked at Benj and Nat, uncertain of what to do. Pain flashed through his cool blue eyes as another rib cracked under the pressure of change.

“There should be an antidote to this, somewhere.  Probably in some research lab,” Benj offered, trying to calm his friend down.  He had felt the change earlier when he had watched his sister cry out in pain at the refrigerator where she had dropped a glass of kool-aid when her hands had mutated right before her eyes.

“Yeah in bloody no-mans’ Europe somewhere probably!” hissed Deck.

“Guys, what’s going on?” Sun Hee asked as she came down the stairs.  She was dressed in her pastel-goth best. A cotton candy blue wig paired under a black beanie hid her pitch black hair.

“Sun, don’t hate me.  I know you just spent forever getting that on, but would you take your wig off?” Benj commanded softly.

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