Huts were built.  Friendships were made.  The seasons flowed through the trees.  Albin and Callum aged with their playmates.  They grew taller and leaner. Their brilliant white hair was allowed to grow long.  Eoin provided care to sick villagers. He helped to ease both birth and death for the people.  He was in the process of selecting a young man to begin apprenticing. Fearchar couldn’t quite ease the sick knot of fear from his gut though and Seonaid continued to watch the smoke and dust just on the outside of the village, never quite leaving.

“I traveled with Amina and Tau to the regional market on many occasions through the years we spent there.  I was able to collect necessary ingredients that our forest could not provide us with. There were these rumors though, at the the markets.  Family and friends of friends would go missing. I was not regarded kindly by some of these people and eventually I stopped traveling to the market due to the animosity,” he walked back to his little cabin and garden.

“The boys had to be in their fifth year I want to say.  They had been born just at the dawning of spring here on the Isle, but I slowly lost track of time in the forest of the Egret Nest,” he lifted a stick from the side of his cabin and began digging at the weeds in his little garden.  Albin and Callum came running up, excitedly speaking over each other with a variety of low notes and clicks. Fearchar and Seonaid, perplexed, glanced at each other. “Their first language was that of the village. They never learned to form our language. It was just how I communicated with them.”  

He eased the boys’ speech and had them talk more slowly. He looked up at the growing smoke and dust cloud. The now setting sun thrust bloody fingers through the clouds, turning the world a burnt red. Shouting and screaming erupted around them. Black smoke from the farthest end of the settlement billowed up and cast murky orange shadows on the trunks of the trees.  Soon, a spark lit and the forest roared. Men, women, and children rushed up the path past Fearchar and Seonaid as Eoin took the boys and ran with the crowd.

Fearchar and Seonaid hurried after him only to be caught up in a series of nets.  Loops of cord settled about the necks of some villagers.  

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Autumn Tree Bag Tag
Autumn Tree Bag Tag
by Kavordia

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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