“Looks like the water’s been turned off already. Told me to kiss his ass for telling him off,” Nat added as an after thought.

“Nat! Yeller!” Sun Hee cheeped, heat flushing her cheeks.

“Back off, I feel horrid,” Yeller’s deep voice lashed out like a whip.  Sun Hee recoiled under the reprimand.

“Your parents and teaching you Gaelic as your first language, what were they thinking?” Benj rubbed his temples, the pressure building right behind his eyes.

“Says the Korean kid,” Yeller grouched.

“Third generation and my grandmother was as white as your pretty ass!”

“They thought it’d improve my academic standing being bilingual and you know it,” sarcastically Yeller bit out between labored breaths.  They could hear bones cracking and sinew snapping in the quiet of the house.

“Your cousin?” Benj asked, glancing toward the hall.

Is cuma liom,” Yeller waved Benj down the hall  Benj dashed down the frigid hall. Zola was laying in her darkened room, still blissfully asleep, though her ears and hands had already made the shape change.

Tá tú slaghdán ort,” Nat mumbled to Yeller, handing him the damp wash cloth.  Yeller grunted his agreement, his head was splitting. He gripped the cool cloth as he waited for another wave of pain to ease.  Nat took the cloth back from him and wiped at his feverish forehead.

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Into the Autumn Woods Bag Tag
Into the Autumn Woods Bag Tag
by Kavordia

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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