He looked down at the milky white skin of his knuckles.  His forefinger and middle finger were still stained blue, though the brilliant depth of the shade had lightened with a good scrub.  He turned them over, the light blush of color across his palms barely noticeable in the house’s dark. Henri he signed the man’s name.

“Henri?” Seonaid asked, curious.  She reached out her hand to Eoin, wanting to know more.  He did not reach out for her. He stared down at his bracers sullenly.  She retracted her hands and laid them in her lap, waiting.

Death, you are familiar with.  Destruction you have seen. But have you ever watched the life leave a body that continues walking?  Have you ever witnessed unending terror that breaks the soul? What came after Amina and Tau and Egret Nest was a new level of horror that I could never imagine humans could possibly reach.  Living on this Isle, away from the mainland and the things they did, I wasn’t aware that such atrocities could possibly even exist. I thought the world had come unhinged. He explained.  Seonaid made her best explanation for Fearchar, but they both knew what he had said had more depth than what she was able to understand.

“Ye dinnae ‘ave ta show us,” Fearchar eased the man’s trembling.  Eoin shook his head. He rubbed his splotchy face with his hands and pulled his hair back and down his shoulder to pool in his lap.  He brushed through it thoughtfully for a minute. They let him comfort himself, waiting patiently for when he would open up again.  He took his time, savoring the clean texture of his tresses. He carefully plated the length into a thick braid and twisted it up on his head, pushing his hairstick back into it to hold it out of the way.

Settled and calmed, he held out his hands once again to the husband and wife.  They took them lightly and jumped into the void.

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Christmas Country Rooster Favor Tags
Christmas Country Rooster Favor Tags
by Kavordia

I am a writer and artist working through the Kavordian Library series. I write sci-fi, fantasy, lgbt romance.

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